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Veterinary E-learning

Here we look at the benefits of e-learning for the veterinary sector in using

online training platforms such as Learning Management Systems (LMS) and

Learning Experience Platforms (LXP). We also include examples of how

Hubken have helped veterinary practices and organisations to make

learning more accessible and effective.


Adequate and proper training is of vital importance in the veterinary sector, which makes it an industry that could see huge benefits from the implementation of a successful e-learning strategy.


An often emotionally charged industry, the right training can be the difference between life and death for the animals that mean the world to clients.


"Each of our veterinary practices has its own brand and identity, and that meant we often had over 30 different names for the same job role. Moving to Totara Learn encouraged us to make our data more efficient, so our HR systems could talk directly to our learning platform."  Peter Nunn at CVS Group

Many veterinary organisations are using e-learning to revolutionise their staff training, despite the complexities and constant changes that provide hurdles to L&D managers. There’s staff availability to consider and regulations to be met, which makes having effective training processes in place a must.

While there are of course certain skills that can only be taught in person, e-learning can help deliver and measure many of the necessary training courses and become an integral part of veterinary organisations’ learning process.


"Everybody at Hubken has been really pleasurable to work with...and it's been a really good experience." 

Peter Nunn at CVS Group

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Veterinary training challenges:


Time pressures

Veterinary staff often work shifts and the majority spend a lot of time on their feet. This makes gathering staff for training at specific times and places difficult. Work can also be both physically and mentally taxing, so asking staff to complete training outside of their normal hours limits their much-needed down time.


Complex training

L&D managers in the industry often need to provide anything from compliance training, continued professional development and nursing school curriculum to booking for student placements and soft skills for dealing with clients. Such a range of training needs requires a lot of planning and expenditure.


Changeable needs

Not only does veterinary training cover a broad range of topics and requirements, it also needs to constantly adapt to meet the ever-changing demands of the sector. New trends, drugs, treatments and procedures are constantly being adapted and veterinary staff need their skills refreshed to reflect that reality.


Engaging content

Those working in the veterinary sector will be aware of how rewarding it can be. Training veterinary staff should reflect this fact with engaging e-learning content and courses. Interactive learning should take priority, rather than passive absorption of information from textbooks which can be less engaging.

Why an e-learning strategy is essential for veterinary:

You’d forgive veterinary L&D managers for feeling overwhelmed by the fast-paced and complex nature of the sector’s training requirements, coupled with the challenges of finding the time for staff to actually complete the training and measuring results. Thankfully e-learning can take a lot of that burden off your shoulders, automating learning and delivering flexible training. Here are just some of the ways a Hubken e-learning solution can help veterinary organisations:

What different types of e-learning platform are there?

E-learning can seamlessly replace existing methods and quickly become a key part of their training. Charities can deliver online training using either a Learning Management System (LMS) or a Learning Experience Platform (LXP).

Here’s a mini-primer to each:

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Read a veterinary success story

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CVS Group plc - Totara.png

With different types of learning to manage, veterinary services provider CVS Group needed to create learning content that was engaging and interactive. With a Hubken Totara Solution, they were able to make a smooth transition away from their outdated site – and into a single, centralised platform for all 500 veterinary practices.

We also work with Vets Now - the UK’s leading provider of pet emergency care, based in 60+ locations across the UK.


Why Iskin Group?

Iskin Group is one of the UK’s leading e-learning service providers.

Since 2004 we’ve helped countless organisations to achieve their training objectives, including many charities across the UK. Get in touch today to see how we could help transform training for you.

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