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Retail E-learning

Here we look at the benefits of e-learning for retail, with online training

solutions such as LMS and Performance Management Platforms, plus

examples of how we’ve helped clients in this fast-moving sector.

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There are many reasons why e-learning technology should be central to any retail organisation’s training programmes.

An incredibly fast paced sector, L&D managers working in retail are expected to balance the desire for cost-effective solutions with the need for consistent and flexible training of staff at multiple locations, often across large geographical areas.


"We saved £90k compared to an off-the-shelf alternative, and we now have more functionality and flexibility than before. Hubken's Totara Solution is worth its weight in gold" Robert Sidley at Holland & Barrett

The move towards online learning had been a long-term trend but the Covid-19 pandemic made it the only game in town for many organisations.

An effective, efficient e-learning system can be transformative, saving organisations money and delivering trackable learning outcomes.

"With our new LMS, we've been able to tweak the UX based on our users' behaviour, giving us the freedom to create a tailored learning experience for our staff." Laura Whyte at Home Bargains

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Training challenges in retail:


Changing staff and products

Consistent and effective onboarding training is crucial in getting new staff up to speed, while new and existing staff alike need their skills and knowledge constantly updated due to new products and processes.


Costs of in-person training

It’s not only the hassle of gathering employees all in one place that can be difficult for retail L&D managers, it’s also the cost. Travel costs for off-site training can be huge, especially for large numbers.


Need for sales floor staff

With staff more likely to be on the move than desk-based roles, online e-learning offers ways to integrate training into the day-to-day - such as creating bite-size content which can be easily consumed without much disruption.


Training into supply chains

Staff training requirements can vary between companies and roles at different points in the retail supply chain, making the training process complicated when delivered across a country wide network.


Shift and seasonal work

Getting employees all in one place at the same time for training incredibly difficult. Training seasonal workers also requires more urgency as their knowledge of products and procedures needs to be refreshed.


Remote workers and online retail​

It’s not just bricks and mortar retail staff that require training. For online retailers, whose staff form concentrated admin and distribution hubs, the training requirements are different and some may work remotely.

Why an e-learning strategy is essential for retail:

The training issues facing the retail sector cost organisations huge amounts of time and money every year, as well as causing headaches for those actually in charge of organising the training. E-learning provides the solution, addressing all the issues and streamlining training processes. Here are just some of the benefits of an effective e-learning strategy:

What different types of e-learning platform are there?

E-learning can seamlessly replace existing methods and quickly become a key part of their training. Charities can deliver online training using either a Learning Management System (LMS) or a Learning Experience Platform (LXP).

Here’s a mini-primer to each:

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Read our retail success stories

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TJ Morris TA Home Bargains - Totara.png

Before teaming up with Hubken, Holland & Barrett were using a system that had become outdated and was no longer fit for purpose. With Totara Learn, they were able to get all of the functionality they needed, plus extra flexibility - all for a fraction of the cost of an off-the-shelf product.

With plenty of paperwork to keep up with, Home Bargains needed to setup an LMS to make sure that every employee was fully up-to-date on compliance. Totara Learn gave them all the flexibility needed and helped them avoid the massive investment of building something in-house.


Why Iskin Group?

Iskin Group is one of the UK’s leading e-learning service providers.

Since 2004 we’ve helped countless organisations to achieve their training objectives, including many charities across the UK. Get in touch today to see how we could help transform training for you.

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